Using GIS to analyse existing health situation in Accra Metropolitan Area


Today, I will present a case study of the use of GIS tools in examine an existing health situation in Accra Metropolitan Area. Network analysis is spatial analysis tool in GIS that is used to model the true journey that people would have to make to get to a health facility along roads and other transport routes. Using GIS data on transport infrastructure, such as a line representing streets or other transport routes, a population can be categorized based on its distance or travel-time along a route to a health facility.

The case study for this presentation in analysing the service areas of clinics in the city of Accra. In a GIS software we build a network dataset on the underlying street in the city of Accra.

Then, with the network analysis tool we generate polygons to represent service areas of clinics in the city of Accra based on the maximum travel time of 40 minutes by car.

We can see that service area of clinic that is less than 10 minutes in Ablekuma Central, Ablekuma South, Ayawaso East, Ayawaso Central and Ashiedu Keteke.  The service area of clinics is between 10minutes and 20minutes is more pronounced in OkaiKoi South and and Osu Klottey. We can also see that the service area of clinics between 20 minutes and 30minutes is more pronounced in Okaikoi North and Ayawaso West. While the service area between 30minutes-40 minutes is more pronounced in Abelkuma North and La.

Author: Nafisatu Ahmed
Geo-Health Analyst


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